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Submission Guideline of Asia-Pacific Design No9

Submission Guideline of Asia-Pacific Design No. 10

Submission Guideline of Asia-Pacific Design No. 11

Submission Guideline of Asia-Pacific Design No. 12

Submission Guideline of Asia-Pacific Design No. 12

Author:Sandu Publishing Co., Limited
Basic informatiion:248X290(MM),464p,
List Price:

In 2016, APD NO. 12 will continuously follow the publishing concept of original design and collect more excellent graphic designs, together with the efforts of famous designers all over the world. Asian countries or regions include Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Pakistan, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Russia, Iran, etc. Countries or regions along Pacific Ocean include Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, etc. APD aims at promoting design in Asia-Pacific Region and providing good opportunities for excellent designers to stand out. In order to make sure speciality and authority, all the contributed works will be carefully selected to represent the top level of Asia-Pacific design.
Thanks to your participation, it will be more remarkable. Let us witness the development of Asia-pacific design together!

■ Book Size
248X290MM,464 Pages

■ Category
(a) Identity Design: Branding, Visual Graphics, Logo Design 
(b) Environmental Graphics: Orientation System, Visual Space Design
(c) Type Design
(d) Print: Publication, Catalog, Annual Report, Concept Book
(e) Poster Design: Commercial Poster, Culture Poster, Experimental Poster 
(f) Package Design
(g) Graphics Design & Extended Products
(h) Multimedia: Website, Interface, Motion Graphics, Network Technology & its Application
(i) Miscellaneous

■ Contribution Fee

■ Deadline
Early: 28 March – 30 April 2016
Regular: 1 May – 30 June 2016
Latecomer: 1 July – 20 July 2016
Note: The final deadline is 20 July 2016. Works submitted earlier have priority to be judged and selected for the same level of creation. 

■ Eligibility & Guidelines
□ 1 Contribution Rules:
1.1 Designers from Asia-Pacific region are welcome to contribute their works published after January 1st, 2014. 
1.2 The entry must have actually been produced. Any Proposal works can’t be accepted. Entries of course assignments by groups of students will not be accepted. All entries by students must be done individually.
1.3 The entry can be submitted by company or individual designer who is involved in the creation.
1.4 Each contributor can submit at most 10 pieces of works. Each contributor only have one contribution name. 
□ 2 The Submitted Materials:
2.1 Images requirements
* Except Poster, Logo, and Multimedia, each submitted work should have shooting photos.
* 300dpi or above with 150mm or above each side of the single image, within 20 MB per image.
* Images in CMYK TIF or JPG format. 
2.2 File Naming
* All the submitted materials should be put in one file named by “contributor name + city, country”
* Each project should be named by “project title + contributor name + city, country”. 
* all the images for one project must show the A-Z priority. It will be a reference for APD book designers who may choose the photos freely and trim or reprocess the data without permission from the contributors according to the layout.
2.3 Submission form
Step One:
An electronic form (words should be copied) filled by computer. All the projects should be filled in the submission form by electronic document including project description within 150 words, a short introduction of the designer or design team within 100 words, one or two photos of the studio or designer. 
Step Two:
A scanned form. Print the electronic form, sign your name at the bottom of the form, and then scan or shoot it. It will be eligible with the signature. 
□ 3 HOW TO SUBMIT (Choose one way below)
3.1 Summit through your personal FTP or net link by,, or to Each link to be downloaded should be within 500 MB. Separate links can be accepted from one contributor if needed. 
3.2 Store your image files in CD or DVD (please tick off if you use mac) and mail it to:
Attn. Krystle Zhang
Add: APD Editorial Department, Sandu Publishing, Room 303, Floor 3, Design Building, 
Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, No. 257 Changgang East Road, 
Haizhu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Post Code: 510260 
Tel: 86-20-34225177 
In order to avoid the damages caused by mailing, please pack the materials safely. The committee of APD is not responsible for the spoiled works.
■ Important Declarations
* Contributors should fill in the submission form for each project with accurate information. The editorial department of APD will follow the forms for editing and proofreading. A preview for proofreading will be upon requested before APD No. 11 is published. 
* Contributors should confirm the accuracy of the contributions and understand the legal obligations. The editorial department shall not be responsible for any dispute caused by the publication. All the contribution will not be returned. 
* Located in Asia-Pacific Region, foreigners are accepted and their living city will appear in the index. 
* Received Notification : Editorial Department will send you a confirmation email by after the materials are received. Due to large amount of contribution, we need time to sort out and check the received materials and please be patient. Please contact us directly by email or telephone in July 25-31 If you don’t receive any reply after the deadline, July 20.
* In-book Notice: The in-book announcement will be featured in Design 360° Magazine and We don’t accept any inquiry before the announcement. The names in the entry list are from the “ Contributor’s Name” of “submission form”. 
* All Submissions will not be returned.
* The editorial department has the right to edit, publish, exhibit and promote the works selected in APD No. 12.
* All the entries will be awarded electrical certificate of recognition by Editorial Committee of APD No. 12. 

Krystle Zhang
APD Editorial Department
Tel: +86-20-34225177



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