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This book collects the latest and freshest signage and wayfinding projects worldwide. They are all tailor-made for specific...
2015.1·English·240 pp / 210 x 285 mm Hardcover
Following the success of the first and second volumes, Type Player 3 keeps searching for the freshest and most outstanding ...
2014-12·English·240p / 210 x 285mm
Design in Bloom -Botanical Craft Projects for Every Occasion introduces brilliant ideas of botanicalcraft from worldwide fl...
A well-designed logo is a crucial element of making a brand stand out. But in today ’ s fast-changing world, a single log...
2014.11·English·210*285mm, 240p, hardcover
Designers are pushing the boundaries of data representation to convey them in innovative, unique and entertaining ways. Man...
2014.09·English·210*285mm, 240p
Motif, lines, circles, quadrilaterals and rectangles, though being the basic elements of the world, with their profound and...
2014.09·English·210*285mm, 240p
Combining and pairing colors produces infinite possibilities, creating a unique voice and tone.
2014.8·English,·210*285mm, 240p, hardcover
Green First Green+ gathers chic and unexpected eco-designs. It is a dazzling gallery contributed by world’s remarkable d...
2014.07··Soft cover,185*228mm, 256p, English
“Eat here or take away?” Now more and more restaurants not only provide table services but also making food for eating ...
2014.07··Hardcover,210 x 285 mm, 240 p, English
As the desire for food is part of human nature, artists and designers have often focused on the innovative application of f...
2014.5··Soft cover,185*228mm, 256p, English
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