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Infinite Illustration

Author: Sandu Publishing Co., Ltd
Basic Informatiion:210×285mm, Hardcover,240p,,English
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In a world seemingly overrun by slick, uniform branding and design, illustration can lend a handmade, tactile quality to any brand looking to break away from the ordinary. Infinite Illustration brings us into the vibrant world of illustration in branding through a collection of projects that all demonstrate the unique applications these graphics can have in product design, packaging, logos and more. Discover how designers and artists use hand-crafted imagery to provoke specific connotations for brands, from those that break away from nostalgia with the use of the contemporary and surreal, to brands that invoke it intentionally with designs focused on a hand-made or old-fashioned aesthetic. In Infinite Illustration, we explore the eclectic visual language of illustration, and how it can be employed to define the very identities of brands themselves.

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