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Burberry Scarf,Burberry Scarves
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Yum Yum! Creative Food & Drink Branding Design

Author: Sandu Publishing Co., Limited
Basic Informatiion:210×285mm,240P,English
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An excellent resource for designers, artists, or anyone who loves a good snack, Yum Yum! Creative Food & Drink Branding Design demonstrates how the best food branding combines multiple elements of design for delicious results. The book features brand strategies designed to catch the eye of hungry consumers and entice them into trying a new delicacy; after all, even the tastiest product in the world still needs to be noticed, picked up, and tried. Epicurean creatives will find projects that include pre-packaged foods, condiments, candies, craft beers, and other appetizing options. Whether you’re in the mood for a full English tea wrapped in rainbow packaging, no-nonsense tins of pickled herring, elegantly simplistic jars of exotic spices, or pun-covered picnic supplies, Yum Yum! will have your stomach rumbling for more.

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