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APD No.9

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APD No.8
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APD No.7
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APD No.6
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APD - Asia-Pacific Design No. 4

Author: Sandu Cultural Media
Basic Informatiion:248*290mm, binding edition, 464 pages,English/Chinese
List Price:US$ 70 / copy  
It is the fourth version of Almanac of Asia-Pacific Design. It aims at promoting design in Asia-Pacific Region and providing good opportunities for excellent designers to stand out. Putting outstanding designs on display, Almanac of Asia-Pacific Design forges an interactive platform for exchanges and communication within the circles. It is most outstanding and authoritative international design yearbook. It collects the most excellent works in Asia-Pacific Region, including Sagmeister. Inc. (USA), Pearlfisher (UK & USA), Shinnoske Sugisak (Japan), CDR Associates (Korea), Lv Jingren (Chinese Mainland) Momorobo (Singapore), Ulhas Moses (India), Ductstore the design guru co., ltd (Thailand), Latinbrand (Ecuador), Fatemeh Karkehabadi (Iran), Leslie Chan (Taiwan), oded ezer (Israel), Canvas Group (Australia), Driv (Malaysia), Charles Ng (Hong Kong), Scott Brown (New Zealand), Black Squid Design (Australia) etc. It covers graphic, poster, VI, package design and so on. The success of previous 3 volumes has earned a worldwide reputation for it. As the top authoritative design almanac, it has been the collection of libraries of colleges and universities either in Asia-Pacific region or other countries all over the world.

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Aaron Yin          Shao Longtu       Lv Jingren      Lau Siu Hong    Wang Shouzhi

John Chui       Saed Meshki       HIDEKI NAKAJIMZA   Lee ll-kyoo

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