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Page Unlimited 2 —— Innovations in Layout Design

Author: Sandu Publishing Co., Limited
Basic Informatiion:210*280mm, hardcover, 240 pages,English
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In face of the overwhelming forces of digital media, will the power of printed media be taken over? The answer is no and never. Laying out a printed page is all about telling a story. Whether it is for books, magazines, newspaper, catalogues or posters, designers will always find a way to think outside the “page” – Together with the grid they build or break, the typefaces and graphics never fail to provide readers with a piece of physically readable and aesthetically enjoyable artwork. Embracing the computer arts and new printing techniques, layout design becomes more interesting and inspiring than ever before. Following the previous hit, Page Unlimited 2 is a completely fresh collection of such innovative works, which is generally categorized into four sections: books, magazines and other printed media. Each section is representing a new force in the layout design industry that must not be overlooked.

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