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Plant Graphics

Author: Sandu Publishing Co., Limited
Basic Informatiion:210*285mm, hardcover, 240 pages,English
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Plants, one of the precious gifts blessed by nature, express the aesthetics of green, eco and health. Plants are diverse in species and appearances; in the eyes of designers, they serve for not only appreciation, but also multi-function graphic elements. Elegant shapes, simple or complex outline, vivid color… plants have so many special properties for designers to explore and indulge. Designers can always extract beauty from plant to create vivid illustrations, decorative typefaces or experimental materials, etc. Plant Graphics collects the high-end beautiful yet cutting-edge visual communication cases of plants. From VI for florist to packaging for cosmetics, from fashion lookbook to plant-related workshops initiated by designers, plant graphics are applied on different media and impress us all by their unique charm. This is a book for those who love plants and eager to find out what plants can do in everyday design.


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