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Sandu Publishing (based in Guangzhou) was established in 2001, specializing in publishing graphic, architecture and interiors books and a magazine named "Design 360". So far, we have published a series of professional design publications. Among them, the most famous titles are BOX, Almanac of Asian-Pacific Design, Designing the Brand Experience, 100%-European Graphic Design Portfolio and UP-Frontal Visual Design. They are highly appreciated by worldwide design institutes and designers.

Book Designer
Diploma / College graduate in book design or equivalent
At least 1 years' solid working experience in book/magazine design
Proficient in use of Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.
Creative, self-motivated, work under pressure and maintain tight schedule
Proficient in use of printing technology.
Job Location: Guangzhou, China
Salary Negotiable
Employment Type Full Time, Permanent

English Editor
Major in Design, English,Bachelor degree or above
More than a year's experence on magazine, books, editorial
Good writing in English and Chinese
Clear head and strong planning
Work hard with good communication skills and team spirit
Job Location: Guangzhou, China
Salary Negotiable
Employment Type Full Time, Permanent

Design Director:
At least 5 years' working experience
Strong guiding ability on graphic design, capable of accurate grasp on strategy
Good at communication and implementation and guarantee high quality of design
The candidate has ever served the large and medium brands; open-minded; rich experiences in creativity
Great leader of team work

Please send resume & expected salary to, if you are interested.


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