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Burberry Scarf,Burberry Scarves
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APD No.9

US$ 72copy
APD No.8
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APD No.7
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APD No.6
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APD No.9

Author: Sandu Publishing Co., Limited
Basic Informatiion: 248*290mm, hardcover, 464 pages
List Price: US$ 72copy

As a top representative of graphic design in Asia-Pacific region, APD collects excellent graphic designs from Asian countries or regions and those along Pacific Ocean. Ever since its first edition in 2005, APD has collected countless brilliant design works every year and thus gained acknowledgement and support from designers and design agencies. During the recording process, APD witnessed the creation journey of different designers as well as the developing progress of the design industry in Asia-Pacific region. APD No. 9 continuously follows the publishing concept of original design and collects more excellent graphic designs, keeps recording classics, and spreading good designs. There are nine categories in APD No.9, including Visual Identity Design, Orientation System & Visual Space Design, Creative Type Design, Print Design, Poster Design, Package Design, Logo Design, Graphics Design & Extended Products, and a new category, New Media Design. APD No. 9 collects numerous classic design works from more than ten countries in Asia-Pacific region. It is an indispensable guide with high reference value.


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