The Art of Stitches
This book is a beautiful collection of contemporary embroideries. Embroidery is an old craft and has long been regarded as a hobby exclusive to women in their spare time. But this stereotype is being deconstructed by today’s artisans and artists. In this book, we will see how they complement basic embroidery techniques with amazing ideas, exquisite designs, or mixed materials.
This book carefully selects 21 contemporary embroidery artists and showcases their delicate artworks together with depth and thematic interviews, making it not only a feast for the eyes but a practical guidebook for those who seek to break into embroidery. With the basis of embroidery introduced and various simple patterns presented in the beginning, the book is also friendly to newcomers to the embroidery world.
Book Specs: 190 mm × 250 mm, 224 pp
Format: Full colour, Throughout
Release date: 2021
Language: English