Eat & Go 2:
Branding and Design for Cafés, Restaurants, Drink Shops, Dessert Shops & Bakeries
Outstanding brand design can make a restaurant the icing on the cake and allow consultants visiting the store to enjoy the food. The arrival of the post-epidemic era has boosted the takeout industry. Takeout packaging is as helpful to the exposure of restaurants as their own store design, and it can open up a new business pattern online.
In today's information-saturated world, catering establishments not only need to provide high-quality food, but also need a unique visual identity and distinctive graphic design.
Unique branding starts with basic elements such as logos, slogans, fonts and color schemes and ends up in products, packaging and related designs. The third published book "From Dine-in to Takeaway: Full Brand Design for Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Beverage Shops, Western Pastries and Dessert Shops"
"Focusing on graphic design, combined with the current development trend of consumer society, it showcases the world's outstanding brands and takeaway packaging designs of coffee shops, restaurants, beverage shops, and Western pastries and dessert shops.
Book Specs: 210 mm × 285 mm, 240 pp
Format: Full colour, Hardcover
Language: English