Skin. & Ink. :
Illustrating the Modern Tattoo
Even banned in many work environments and deemed socially unacceptable in many parts of the world, tattoo is still worshiped and loved by a lot of people. With purposes varying based on the wearer, tattoo is truly an individual piece of art. From miniature, hand-drawn pieces to retro designs, tattoo may represent a personal statement, a decorative memorial, or pledges of deep beliefs. Skin. & Ink. – Illustrating the Modern Tattoo, more than 800 chic tattoos with varied styles are showcased, and some of the talented tattoos artists with unique design approach share their impressive tattoos and interesting stories. It will serve an inspirational book for both tattoo artists and lovers.
Book Specs: 190 x 250 mm, 240p
Format: Paperback
Release date: Mar 2018
Language: English
ISBN 978-988-78527-5-9