Optimum Type:
Custom Typography Design and Application
We see before we read. We are attracted by the character of a word before getting its meaning. A tailor-made creative type makes use of this effect, visualising a specific brand to deliver its ideas and make the brand stand out among the crowd. To create an optimum type, designers must understand the brands’ philosophies, communicate and empathise with the clients, and reach a perfect solution with their professional skills.

This publication features over 100 creative custom-created types from designers and agencies all over the world. In this book, readers can draw a lesson from their work processes and their solution proposals, and get inspiration on how to design a type that satisfies their clients and makes them go wow!
Book Specs: 210 mm × 285 mm, 240 pp
Format: Full colour, hardcover
Release date: April 2020
Language: English
ISBN 978-988-74492-3-2