Responsive Logos:
Designing for the Digital World
With numerous communication options and devices available nowadays, logo design, the visual cornerstone of a brand’s identity, adheres to this trend and becomes more and more responsive. Some brands redesign their logos using the up-to-date design languages and methodologies, for example, flat design. And some brands optimize their logos for today’s multiple devices and screen resolutions, with quite a few variants of the same logo used for different purposes. Steps of reducing details, rearranging spaces, or combination can be involved during the design process.

In Responsive Logos, we scout globally the logos that best illustrate the trend we are in. In this book, we present these handpicked projects with detailed analysis to help designers make logos that are useful, stylish, and responsive to this digital era.
Book Specs: 210 x 285 mm, 240p
Format: full colour, Hardcover
Release date: Aug 2018
Language: English
ISBN 978-988-78528-3-4