Asia-Pacific Design NO. 15
Up to the present, the history of design has developed to the stage of multi-integration, and the role of design in life has become more and more important, which has aroused widespread concern in all walks of life. In 2019, under the subject of “Explore New Design-led Boundaries”, APD NO. 15 explores how design can integrate emerging interdisciplinary approaches in diversified development and seeks innovative solutions through design-led thinking. We firmly believe in the power of original design, pay close attention to industry trends, and showcase the historical context and future development of design in Asia-Pacific region. Over the past eight months, we have received thousands of works from nearly 20 countries. All the contributed works have been carefully selected and we finally feature 375 pieces of works to represent the top level of Asia-Pacific design, In the editorial content, we introduce the in-depth interview for the first time. Fortunately, we invite three highly respected design predecessor and well-known designers—Mr. Katsumi Asaba (chairman of the Tokyo Type Directors Club), Miss Min Lew, partner of Base Design (New York) and Mr. Charlie Bromley, partner of THERE (Sydney & Singapore). Here, We sincerely congratulate all the selected designers and design agencies!
Book Specs: 248 x 295 mm, 488p
Format: full colour, Hardcover
Release date: Oct 2019
Language: English
ISBN 978-988-79475-5-4