Asia-Pacific Design No. 16
As the most authoritative professional design yearbook in Asia-Pacific region, Asia-Pacific Design (APD) has been published 15 volumes by Sandu Publishing since 2005. APD aims at promoting design in Asia-Pacific Region and providing good opportunities for excellent designers to stand out. The key to the design is to get deep feelings and experiences by constantly observing life and participating in society, to find the best creative point. With the development of the times, more tools are used to transmit information. The technological innovation has also expanded the depth and breadth of design. And design has become more diverse. Designers not only develop the traditional techniques, but also know how to integrate many different elements, such as color matching, creative graphics, online experience, cool AI/AR/VR/MR, etc. A multi-level design ecological language is formed with the diversity of design. In 2020, under the subject of “Multivariate Integration of Design,” APD No. 16 will explore how designers seek innovative solutions and possibilities for social, economic, and technological issues, together with the efforts of famous designers all over the region. All submitted works will be selected by the international jury to select the final result. For the first time, APD has set up the Best Design Award (20 pcs), Nomination Award (80 pcs), and Finalist.
Book Specs: 248 mm × 290 mm, 488 pp
Format: Full colour, hardcover
Release date: Nov. 2020
Language: English & Chinese
ISBN 978-988-74493-1-7