Get Impressed:
The Revival of Letterpress and Handmade Type
Letterpress, an old-world invention, forever changed the face of communication and the speed in which information could pass from person to person. It gave birth to the “press”. Today letterpress is in a full-blown revival and widely used in printing books, posters, bespoke stationery like invitations, name cards, letterheads and so on. Letterpress designers carve out their names in the computer-generated design world with beautifully composed types.
This book is divided into five parts. The first two parts introduce the history and the process of letterpress respectively. The main and the most intriguing content will be found in the third and fourth part in which readers will meet great letterpress designers, artists, type foundries, institutions, and even museums all over the world, each with elaborated biographies and exclusive interviews. If those are not enough, readers can flip through the fifth section and find more individual projects of letterpress. It will prove to be a good handbook for type designers, letterpress designers, type lovers, design students, and ordinary readers who enjoy crafts and prints.
Size:190 mm × 250 mm
Pages:240 PP
Binding:Hardcover, Full color throughout