Cats of the Floating World:
Kuniyoshi Utagawa's cat paintings
Observing the rising and falling belly of a cat while sleeping, the black eyes that become rounder and rounder when curious, the twisting of the cat's butt when preparing to launch a "pounce" attack... have more or less become the daily life of cat owners. The photos placed in the mobile phone should take up a lot of mobile phone memory, and have also become the private collection of the cat slave, who can take a few puffs when necessary. Humans have been sucking cats for thousands of years, regardless of their status, both at home and abroad.
The ukiyo-e master Utagawa Kuniyoshi was also a complete cat slave. It is said that there are often five or six cats around him, and sometimes there are more than a dozen cats. He often holds one or two kittens in his arms when painting, as if these are his muse. Once, his favorite big cat ran away from home, and after searching everywhere to no avail, he felt like he had lost his soul.
As a professional cat slave, how could Kuniyoshi not include cat owners in his paintings? "Cats in Ukiyo-e: Utagawa Kuniyoshi's Cat Paintings", introduced and published for the third time, contains a total of 69 ukiyo-e paintings by Utagawa Kuniyoshi, and comes with light and humorous explanations by Nobuhisa Kaneko, curator of the Fuchu City Art Museum in Japan.
Book Specs: 148 mm × 210 mm, 176 pp
Format: Full colour, Lock line plain packaging
Language: Chinese