A Creative’s Guide to Mastering Risography
In recent years, Risography, that is, stencil printing, has become more and more popular with creative people. Risography was used to print school test papers previously, but now it is used by independent, niche artists and studios to express their ideas in the world. Riso has caused another new printing trend. The first chapter of this book introduces the history of Riso, the influence and characteristics of Riso printing, etc. The second chapter is Riso printing guide, which introduces the Riso printing process, color table, tools, precautions, etc. in detail. The third chapter selects 14 popular design/printing studios and 10 outstanding artists around the world, showing their wonderful creative and excellent print works. Through this book, readers can discover the charm of Riso and get more inspiration for creation and printing.
Book Specs: 142 mm × 206 mm, 400 pp
Format: paperback
Language: Chinese