Errata Notice of Asia-Pacific Design NO.17

In Asia-Pacific Design No. 17, there are a number of errors and omissions in the relevant information. The corrections are as follow:

P192: Addition to the original project information [CD Alfi Junaidi]

P420: The original project name [X-Cuzine] is corrected to [DICE DICE-Jam Session 2011-2013]; All the original project information is corrected to [DA E.L.A Studio; AD Yang Hai 楊海DS Yang Hai 楊海 Joyce Wang 王穎; CL ill lega press]

P432: The original project information [DS Zeng Yanmei 曾燕梅] is corrected to [DS Zhang Jianqing 張劍青 Zeng Yanmei 曾燕梅 Zeng Yeting 曾夜婷 Wang Zihao 王子豪]